A comprehensive course designed to impart basic personal safety and self defence skills to the practitioner.

You will learn psychology, verbal commands and biomechanics, together with a fun filled physical self defence training day.

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A full day taught course containing theoretical and practical learning and taught by some of the best ex-military self defence instructors and security experts in the world.

The Self Defence Award includes:

  • Personal safety
  • Security
  • Self defence concepts and strategies
  • Body language
  • Verbal commands
  • Conflict resolution
  • Fighting at a distance
  • Close Quarter Combat skills
  • Ground fighting
  • Psychology, fear control
  • Physiology, pressure points and biomechanics


  • Certificate on the day Self Defence Award

Who Is This Course For?

This award is aimed at all individuals who are interested in essential aspects of modern self defence. There are no entry requirements.

Following the completion of this course, you will have a broad based theoretical and practical knowledge of self defence, together with a degree of proficiency that will increase your confidence. The award is the ideal spring-board to go on to the certificate, or even the self defence instructor course – for those who wish to embark upon a career in teaching self defence and personal safety.