ITACS Group is the one of best personal safety, security and self defence training provider. We teach a range of skills and concepts, which encompass personal safety, security and self defence to members of the public, armed forces and police. We cater for all levels of fitness and ability from beginners to advanced and we put our learners at the heart of our training.

We deliver specialised programmes in Counter Terrorism, Close Quarter Combat (CQC), knife awareness, safety and disarming, as well as bespoke programmes for corporate clients and schools.

Our format combines classes, courses and seminars. We are different from many traditional martial arts as our focus is on the ability to defend yourself without complicated techniques that fail under pressure. Our unique system teaches you, combines aspects of some of the most effective martial arts.

The ITACS Group system of self defence is not a martial art, nor is it designed for sports. It is a real world system that considers that victims come in all shapes and sizes, as do attackers. It considers all ranges and stages of an attack, and that a variety of techniques, situations, positions and circumstances all need to be practiced within an environment that is safe, fun and engaging, yet based in a realistic environment we train the harsh reality of a potential attack. The system has been proved to work in real hostile situations for all ages.

One of the most important factors in applying any system for the real-world, is the psychological impact of an attack before, during and afterwards. Understanding the dynamics of fear and how to control it is essential to remain calm and master yourself during the encounter. Keeping a focus on reasonable force, and not giving way to anger, or other emotions and states is something that is often missed from self defence related training in real world conditions.